Roads and Bridges

Roads are the arteries of a country's infrastructure. The ability to move goods and people is essential before a country's economy can make progress. Africa is vast and good roads are a vital ingredient in the continent's future development.

PW Group is one of the leading contractors involved in construction of roads and bridges in West Africa. We have created roads all across Ghana and Nigeria for federal and state agencies, and for schemes funded by the World Bank and the European Union.

These are large projects involving logistical challenges equalling any faced by civil engineers throughout the world. Following survey and design of routes, bulk earthworks are commenced while crushing and batching plants are established. Once the ground is prepared, thousands of tonnes of aggregates must be placed. We ensure timely delivery of aggregates by manufacturing them at our crushing and screening plants, while asphaltic paving materials are manufactured in one of our local batching plants.

Building roads inevitably leads to building bridges. In West Africa, major routes require several bridge crossings, with each having its own unique design requirements arising out of its location and purpose. New bridge projects are planned by our own engineering team, and supported where necessary, by independent consultants. Construction methods are chosen to suit the terrain, the environment and the locale.

Careful logistical planning ensures that bridges are open on time to meet the demands of the road that link them. In PW's 50 year history, it has played an important role in several hundred bridge construction projects including the 320 metre river crossing at Jamare and the 500 metre crossing at Donga.

A region's infrastructure comprise many parts - roads, water distribution, electricity, seaports, airports and countless other factors combine to make development a reality in a modern country. We are involved in all aspects of constructing infrastructure, and bridges are a particularly visible part of this.
Roads and Bridges Roads and Bridges Roads and Bridges

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