Water Supply & Sewerage

Since PW's arrival in West Africa, it has worked on a number of water supply and treatment projects. These include major pipelines and the reticulation schemes at Abuja and Kaduna.

We manufacture high quality concrete using aggregates prepared at our own quarries, and use it to build durable water retention systems. Finally, we design and build distribution networks to take the water where it is needed. In all aspects of water engineering, we bring a level of expertise that has been achieved through many years operating in the field of water supply and treatment.

Provision of potable water is only part of water engineering. To balance the equation, it is vital that waste water is safely and hygienically dealt with - especially in areas of high population. We applied our wide-ranging skills in this field during the innovative Korle Lagoon Ecological Restoration Project in Accra. To ensure that effluent would no longer contaminate the lagoon, PW built a reinforced concrete screening and cleansing unit, incorporating one of the world's largest Archimedean screws.
Water Supply & Sewerage

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